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Questions On Symptoms
Check out how to spot the early signs of pregnancy.
What are the early signs of pregnancy before a missed period?
When to expect colostrum to start leaking from your breasts.
How early does nipple discharge start in pregnancy?
Pregnancy at time of the month (TOM).
Can you get pregnant during your period?

Questions On Pregnancy Complications
What are the signs of a miscarriage?

Questions About Prenatal Care

How likely is pregnancy to cause hypertension.
Will pregnancy raise my blood pressure?
Enjoying your pregnant shape with maternity wear.
When should I start wearing maternity clothes?
Routine prenatal tests to expect during pregnancy.
What tests do you need during pregnancy?
Gaining weight and diet habits in pregnancy.
How much weight gain is normal in pregnancy?
Is it a boy or a girl? Prenatal scans.
How accurate is a scan at predicting gender?
Learn how to kegel those pelvic floor muscles.
What are pelvic floor exercises?
How to perform pelvic muscle exercises.
How do you do pelvic floor exercises?
How many exercises and how often you need to do them.
How many pelvic floor exercises should you do a day?
What pregnant women should know about flus.
Is the flu dangerous during pregnancy?

Questions About Childbirth And Delivery

How to recognize the signs that labor has started.
How do I know if I'm in labor?
The pros and cons of having your baby at home.
Is a home birth safe?
How safe are epidural injections during childbirth.
Is an epidural safe?
Can you have too many C-sections?
How many cesareans can you have?

Postnatal Questions

Banking your baby's stem cells after delivery.
What is cord blood banking?
An explanation of the cord banking procedure.
How is cord blood collected?
Costs and fees involved in umbilical cord banking.
How much does cord blood banking cost?

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All about the morning after pill.
What is emergency contraception?
Discussion on reliability of the morning after pill.
How effective is emergency contraception?
Comparing birth control pills and emergency contraceptives.
What is the difference between the emergency contraception pill and the normal pill?
Using regular daily 'Pills' as emergency pills.
Can I use ordinary birth control pills for emergency contraception?
Birth control pills and weight gain.
Will I gain weight on the contraceptive pill?
Birth control pills and fertility.
Can you get pregnant while taking the Pill?
Fertility after stopping the oral pill.
How long does it take to get pregnant after stopping the Pill?
How soon to start trying for a baby after the pill.
When is it safe to get pregnant after stopping the Pill?
Possible risks and dangers of the oral contraceptives after a certain age.
Is it safe to take the contraceptive pill after 35?

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General Questions On Fertility
Testing for infertility.
How does a doctor test for infertility in women?
How does a doctor test for infertility in men?
Natural fertility tips.
How can I increase my fertility naturally?
Average time it takes for couples to fall pregnant:
How long does it take to get pregnant?
How long can I hold off before trying for a baby?
What age does fertility go down in women?
Tips for love making and fertility.
What is the best position for baby making?
When you experience pregnancy symptoms but there's no baby.
Is it possible to be a little bit pregnant?
What is a chemical pregnancy?

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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Questions

Total costs of having a baby by IVF
How much does IVF cost?
Personal stories and success rates.
How many IVF cycles are average before becoming pregnant?
Diet and holistic therapies to improve your success rate.
How can I improve my chance of IVF success?
Check if you should test for genetic disorders.
How important is genetic screening for IVF babies?

Other Fertility Treatment Options: When IVF Fails
Egg Donation Questions

An overview of this infertility treatment.
What is egg donation?
How much does it cost would-be parents?
What is the cost of egg donation?
Weighing up the arguments for and against.
What are the pros and cons of egg donation?
Finding the right donor clinic.
What is an egg donation clinic?
Advice on how to choose the best clinic.
How can I find an egg donation clinic?
So you want to donate your eggs?
What type of egg donors do clinics want?
An explanation of the procedure for both recipient and donor.
How does egg donation work?
Guide for an egg donor
How to be an egg donor.

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A young girl's first period and when it should arrive.
When should my periods start?
Cures for menstrual pain and cramping.
How can I relieve period cramps?
Vaginal discharge around period time or during pregnancy.
What causes brown spotting?
So you'd like to plan a special vacation or trip without periods?
Can I delay my period without taking the pill?
If you have experienced changes in your periods.
What can cause a change in my monthly cycle?

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Benign growths in or on the womb.
What are uterine fibroids?
Lumpy breasts caused by cysts and fibroadenomas.
What are breast fibroids?
Bloated or swollen tummies caused by fibroids.
Can fibroids cause weight gain?
Regrowth after embolization or myomectomy surgery.
Can fibroids grow back?
Pelvic or tummy pain related to uterine fibroids.
Do fibroids cause pain?
Looking at the causes of heavy or painful periods.
Can fibroids cause heavy menstrual bleeding?

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Prognosis and outlook for endometrial patients.
Can endometriosis lead to cancer?
Mild to severe, which stage of disease do you have?
What are the stages of endometriosis?
Pregnancy complications risks.
Can endometriosis cause miscarriages?
Irregular periods and menstrual problems.
Can endometriosis cause missed periods?
How doctors diagnose the condition.
Can endometriosis be seen on ultrasound?

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Treatment options and cure discussed.
Can PCOS be cured?
Losing weight when you have PCOS.
Can I lose weight with PCOS?
Suffering from thinning hair or hair falling out.
Does PCOS cause hair loss?
Feeling exhausted or constantly tired.
Does PCOS cause fatigue?
Pelvic and ovary pains.
Can PCOS cause pain?
Fertility options and pregnancy.
Can you get pregnant naturally with PCOS?
Pregnancy timeframe, how long it takes on average.
How long does it take to get pregnant with PCOS?

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Ovarian Cysts

Personal stories and list of common symptoms.
What are the signs of ovarian cysts?
Natural therapies for treating cysts.
How can I cure ovarian cysts naturally?
Problems with fertility and conception.
Can ovarian cysts cause infertility?
Polycystic ovary syndrome and ovary cysts - the same thing?
What is the difference between ovarian cysts and PCOS?
Irregular, missed or heavy periods. Changes in menstrual cycles.
Can ovarian cysts cause a missed period?
Activities that can cause a cyst to burst.
What causes ovarian cysts to rupture?
Treatment options and therapies.
Do ovarian cysts usually need to be surgically removed?
Types of pain described and when it is a medical emergency.
What type of pain do ovarian cysts cause?
Birth control methods and risk of cysts.
Does the coil increase the risk of ovarian cysts?

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Signs of symptoms of FMS.
What are the symptoms of fibromyalgia?
Is FMS hereditary, find out if the condition is inherited.
Is fibromyalgia genetic?
Find out if there is a cure for FMS.
Can fibromyalgia be cured?
Differentiating between different conditions and illnesses.
What is the difference between chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia?
Differentiating between arthritic pain and fibro pain.
What is the difference between fibromyalgia and arthritis?
Exercise tips for reducing symptoms and fibro pain.
What are the best exercises for fibromyalgia?
Best medications and natural therapies for treating pain.
What is the best treatment for fibromyalgia pain?
The relationship between fibro pain and car accidents.
Can an accident or trauma cause fibromyalgia?
Scientific research into viral and bacterial triggers.
Can a viral infection trigger fibromyalgia?
Primary care physicians and specialist care.
What type of doctor treats fibromyalgia?
Alternative and experimental therapies and treatments.
Can botox be used to treat fibromyalgia?
Seeking SSDI allowances, process and success rates.
Can I go on disability for fibromyalgia?

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What are the effects of menopause on the body?
Treatments for female hair loss
Can I test for menopause?
When does menopause start?
Can menopause start in the 30s?
Does menopause cause depression?
Does menopause cause weight gain?
Does a hysterectomy cause menopause?
Can menopause cause high blood pressure?
How can I treat menopause symptoms naturally?

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Overview of surgery to remove a woman's womb.
What is a hysterectomy?

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Paternity Testing

Finding out for sure who the daddy is.
How accurate is a home paternity test?
Testing other relatives if the father is absent.
Can a paternity test be done without the father?

Legal and home tests explained.
How do you get a paternity test?

What you can expect to pay.
How much does a paternity test cost?

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Yeast Infections

What are the signs of a yeast infection?
How can I prevent a yeast infection when taking antibiotics?
Can I catch a vaginal yeast infection from a man?
How can I treat a yeast infection naturally?
How do you treat yeast infections?
Can yeast infections clear up by themselves?
How long does a yeast infection take to cure?
How is a vaginal yeast infection treated during pregnancy?
What is the difference between a yeast infection and normal discharge?

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How does a doctor diagnose vaginitis?
What is bacterial vaginitis?
How do you treat bacterial vaginitis?
What is the treatment for recurrent vaginitis?
How can I treat chronic bacterial vaginitis?
What is vaginitis powder?
What is the difference between vaginitis and a yeast infection?
Do I have thrush or vaginitis?
What is a normal vaginal discharge?

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Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

What are the signs of a UTI?
Can UTIs cause itching?
Can a UTI cause bloating?
How can I prevent UTI's from recurring?
How can I treat a UTI naturally without antibiotics?
What is the difference between cystitis and a UTI?
Does cranberry juice help cure a UTI?
How long does it take for a UTI to turn into a kidney infection?

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Bowel Disorders

What are the best natural remedies for constipation?
What are the best foods for constipation?
How long should I wait before seeing a doctor about constipation?
When does constipation in pregnancy usually start?
What causes constipation?
What causes constipation during pregnancy?
What causes diarrhea?
What is the best way to avoid traveler's diarrhea?
What is the best medication to relieve diarrhea?
How do I stop diarrhea without medication?
What foods should I eat to stop diarrhea?

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Bowel Disorders

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

What is the best diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
What foods are safe to eat for someone with irritable bowel syndrome?
How do I know if I have irritable bowel syndrome?
What is the best treatment for IBS?
What can trigger an IBS attack?
How does a doctor diagnose IBS?
Does IBS cause nausea?
Can IBS cause tiredness?
Can IBS cause weight gain?
What are the best natural remedies for irritable bowel syndrome?
Are there any advances in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome?

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Treatment options and side effects.
What is the best treatment for cancer?
What are the early signs of cancer?
What are the survival rates for cancer?
What causes cancer?
How does cancer kill you?
How it feels to have cancer.
Does cancer hurt?
What foods help prevent cancer?

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Breast Cancer

What are the signs of breast cancer?
What does a breast cancer lump feel like?
What can cause a breast lump?
Can wearing a bra cause breast cancer?
What are the causes of breast pain?
Does breast augmentation increase your chances of developing breast cancer?
What is the difference between inflammatory breast cancer and invasive breast cancer?
How do I check my breasts for breast cancer?
What is the earliest age for breast cancer?
What are my chances of getting breast cancer?
Can antiperspirants or deodorants cause breast cancer?
What are the causes of nipple discharge?

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Endometrial Cancer

Can endometrial cancer be cured?
What are the signs of endometrial cancer?
Can endometrial cancer be discovered by ultrasound?
What is the life expectancy for endometrial cancer patients?
Is there a difference between endometrial and uterine cancer?

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Cervical Cancer

Can cervical cancer kill you?
What is the cervical cancer vaccine?
What is the treatment for early stage cervical cancer?
How safe is the cervical cancer vaccination?
What are the side effects of the cervical cancer vaccine?
Do you have to be sexually active to get cervical cancer?
Do you still need pap smears after the cervical cancer injection?
What are the chances of developing cervical cancer if you have the HPV virus?
Does the HPV virus cause cervical cancer?
Can genital warts cause cervical cancer?

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Heart Problems

What are the chances of surviving heart failure?
What is the prognosis for heart failure?

When to perform CPR and when not to.
When is CPR necessary?

How do you do hands only CPR?
How is hands only CPR performed?
Raynauds phenomenon and cold weather.
Why do my hands turn blue?
What are the signs of coronary heart disease in women?
Why do doctors recommend low doses of aspirin to help prevent heart attacks?
What is the difference between a stroke and a heart attack?
Can you have a heart attack without knowing it?
What causes heart attacks in women?
How common are heart attacks and stroke during pregnancy?
What age do heart attacks usually start to happen?
What do you do if you are having a heart attack?
Can panic attacks lead to heart attacks?
What could cause a sharp chest pain when inhaling?
How do I take my pulse?

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The reasons for treating hypertension.
Why is high blood pressure dangerous?
Answering do hypertension medications work.
How effective are blood pressure drugs?
Risks of hypertension in pregnant women.
Will pregnancy raise my blood pressure?

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Varicose Veins

Treatment options for spider and varicose veins
How are varicose veins treated?


Home screening tests for diabetes.
Are there any home tests for diabetes?
Monitoring devices and equipment for diabetes.
Are there blood glucose monitors that don't require strips?
Knowing the right glucose levels.
What is a normal blood sugar count?
Prediabetes - Before full-blown diabetes sets in.
Can prediabetes be reversed?

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Test your risk of stress-related illness.
Is there an online test for stress?
When severe depression does not respond to treatment.
Is electric shock therapy still used to treat depression?
What stress does to your body.
The dangers of stress.

General Questions

Female Health Statistics
How long do women live on average?
Other Health Stats
What is considered middle aged?
Feeling tired even though you have lots of sleep.
Why am I so tired all the time?
Bone and Joint Pain
Why do I ache all over?
Fainting spells, looking at the causes.
Why do I feel faint?
Reduced sex drive for no apparent reason.
Why have I lost my sex drive?
Comparing colds and flus.
Do I have a cold or the flu?
Symptoms that should send you to your doctor.
Reasons for seeing a doctor.
Can I increase the size of my breasts without surgery?
Is it true shaving hair causes it to grow back thicker?
Does stress cause your hair to go gray quicker?
Can too much blow drying cause hair loss?

Interesting Articles

The female body: Diagrams and pictures.
The human body: Pictures of organs and their function.
Recommended health screenings for women.
How the female body develops: From puberty to old age.
Symptom Checkers
Chest problems: Chest pain symptoms discussed, possible causes.
Head and face problems: Conditions of the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and throat.
Abdominal problems: Stomach pain, gallstones, digestive disorders and more.
Reproductive system disorders: Female gynecological problems.
Back problems: Upper, middle and lower back problems, possible causes.
Muscles of the body: Main muscles and how they work.
Bones and joint problems: Arthritis, osteoporosis, breaks and sprains.
Latest health statistics for women: Average age of death and other facts.
Main causes of death in women: Top 10 illnesses that kill women.

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