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Do you have an allergy?
Memory loss and dementia.
Different types of arthritis.
Bowel Problems
Constipation, diarrhea, IBD and more.
Birth Control
Methods of contraception discussed.
How to breastfeed, milk supply and nursing problems.
Signs, treatment and survival rates.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Severe exhaustion lasting 6 months.
Prediabetes, type 1 and 2 diabetes.
Do you have constant pelvic pain?
Genetic Screening
Testing for diseases and birth defects.
Cause of weight gain & heavy periods.
Trigger points and treatment options.
Heart Problems
From chest pain to heart attacks.
High Blood Pressure
Dangers and signs of hypertension.
Pros/cons and alternatives.
Irritable bowel syndrome guide.
Causes, tests, self-help remedies.
Autoimmune disease with butterfly rash.
Medical Tests
Common tests for women.
Symptoms and home testing.
PMS and period problems.
Are you obese? Calculator.
Wear and tear arthritis.
Brittle bones, causes & treatment.
Ovarian Cysts
Symptoms and weight gain.
Signs, is there a cure?
Infection that causes infertility.
Growths in the body.
Postpartum Depression
Depressed or baby blues?
Postpartum Guide
Mom and baby care.
Symptoms, trimesters, photos.
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Swollen, sore joints.
Sexually transmitted diseases.
Thyroid Diseases
Graves disease/Hashimoto's.
Urinary Tract Infections
Natural remedies/treatments.
Signs, treatment and douching.
Loss of balance.
Yeast Infections
Types, plus Candida diet.
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The Female Body
Diagrams of the reproductive organs and what can go wrong.
The Human Body
Diagrams of all the organs of the body and what can go wrong.
Recommended Health Screenings
Essential screenings for different stages of life.
Main Causes Of Death In Women
Statistics by age and race. You may be surprised!
Latest Health Statistics
Female life expectancy, chance of surviving major diseases.
Dangers Of Stress
What stress does to your body, recognizing the signs.
Development Of The Female Body
From puberty to pregnancy, menopause and old age.
Effects Of Depression
Side-effects of depression, including memory loss and low libido.
Effects Of Estrogen
What estrogen does to your body and how levels fluctuate.
How Menopause Affects The Body
What happens to your body when menopause hits.
Hospital Departments Explained
Confused? See which department treats what.

Popular Questions

What are the pregnancy signs before a missed period?
Top 10 early symptoms to watch out for.
How can I increase my fertility naturally?
Conception advice. Top 10 natural fertility tips.
Can fibroids cause weight gain?
Symptoms of fibroids and pictures.
Can endometriosis lead to cancer?
Gynecological problems.
Can I lose weight with PCOS?
Polycystic ovary syndrome.
Can botox be used to treat fibromyalgia?
New alternative treatments for fibro pain.
Are there any home tests for diabetes?
Testing blood sugar levels for prediabetes.
Will I gain weight on the pill?
Oral contraceptive pill side effects.
Why is high blood pressure dangerous?
The health consequences of hypertension.
Do I have a cold or the flu?
The difference in symptoms explained.
What is considered middle aged?
I'm too young to be middle aged, or am I?

.... more womens health questions.



Diabetes & Cancer

Growing research suggests a link between risk of cancer and diabetes. Insulin resistance and secondary hyperinsulinemia are cited as the cause, as hyperglycemia might promote carcinogenesis. This underscores the need for diabetes prevention, particularly by weight management. Those with diabetes should probably also have more regular cancer screenings. test



Home Remedies


Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a genomically complicated disease. Surgery and chemotherapy continue to be the primary source of therapy. Ovarian cancer is often only discovered in the late stages. Robust clinical investigation, and primary greatment goals with adjuvant therapy are increasing overall survival, although cure rates are only improving gradually. Maintenance therapy is promising but studies have yet to uncover a strategy that can affect survival.


Assisted Reproductive Technology
High-tech procedures which help infertile couples conceive, including IVF, sperm and egg donation.
Birth Defects
Types and symptoms of birth defects including Down syndrome, spina bifida, clubfoot and cleft palate.
Early signs and stages of labor, home births, waterbirths, C-section, epidurals and doula assistance.
Egg Donation
Guide for donors and recipients: fees, procedure, pros and cons of giving and receiving donor eggs.
In Vitro Fertilization
IVF fertility treatment, process explained, protocols and success rates. Advice on how to improve your IVF success rate.
Paternity Testing
Who's the daddy? Tests to check paternity during pregnancy and after childbirth. Costs and home tests explained.
Pregnancy Complications
List of complications including bleeding, fibroids, heart problems, preeclampsia, miscarriage and premature labor.
Pregnancy Symptoms
Complete list of symptoms including remedies for cramps, morning sickness, weird food cravings and 'metal mouth'.
Prenatal Care
Prenatal tests, visits and ultrasound scans explained. Estimating the medical costs of having a baby, birthing classes and birthing centers.

Are you overweight? Calculator and How many calories do you eat? Calculator

Angina Attacks
Causes of angina explained, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Should you take aspirin as a precaution?
Heart Arrhythmia
Palpitations and abnormal heart beats. Symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment.
Chest Pain
Symptom checker; causes of chest pain and what your symptoms might mean.
Coronary Heart Disease
Causes of CHD and how it leads to heart attacks. CHD screening and exercise stress tests.
Congestive Heart Failure
What causes the heart to stop working, diagnosis and treatment of CHF. How to perform hands-only CPR.
Heart Attacks
Not all women experience chest pain when they have a heart attack. Also, see sudden cardiac arrest and silent heart attacks.
Signs of high blood pressure and hypotension (low blood pressure), treatment and prevention; influence of the birth control pill.
How to recognize the symptoms of stroke and why you only have a 3 hour window for treatment.

Breast Cancer
Genetic testing, self-examination, symptoms, survival rates and risk of recurrence.
Cervical Cancer
Cancer of the lower womb or cervix. Causes, diagnosis, treatment and survival rates.
Endometrial Cancer
Cancer of the womb. How is it staged and what are the survival statistics?.
Fallopian Tube Cancer
Read about this rare gynecologic cancer which occurs in the fallopian tubes. Early signs, diagnosis, treatment and risk factors.
Ovarian Cancer
Life expectancy and why cancer of the ovaries is often diagnosed too late. Symptoms and treatment.
Vagina Cancer
A relatively rare gynecologic cancer; treatment options and long-term outlook for patients discussed.
Vulva Cancer
About 4 percent of all gynecologic cancers are of the vulva. Diagnosis, treatment, risk factors and statistics discussed.
Gynecological Disorders
Things that can go wrong with the female body, including cancer, pelvic pain, vaginal tears and painful intercourse.


Abdominal Region
Stomach problems including diarrhea and constipation, signs of gallstones, indigestion, appendicitis and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PDD) .... more Abdominal Problems.
Cause of neck pain, upper, mid and lower back pains; from whiplash to cervical spondylosis, cricked neck, meningitis, tendinitis, slipped disc and sciatica .... more Back Problems.
Bone and Joints
Causes of aches from osteoarthritis to carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, broken bones, sprains and varicose veins .... more Bone and Joint Disorders. See also bones of the body.
Different types of chest pain and possible causes discussed; breast cancer, breast fibroids, lung diseases and chest pain in pregnancy .... more Chest Problems.
Head and Face
Conditions of the head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin and throat. Different types of headaches from tension aches to migraine explained; skin problems from acne to melasma .... more Head and Face Problems.
Reproductive Organs
Causes of vagina pain, vaginal discharge, bleeding and vulva problems; brown spotting, vulvodynia, vulvitis, herpes, pyelonephritis and urinary incontinence .... more Reproductive Disorders.
Womens Health Books: List of useful resources.
Skin Care Questions: New section to be launched shortly.


Skin:How the skin works and what can go wrong with it. See, Structure and Function Of The Skin
Digestive: How the body digests food, 50 hours of hard labor! See, Digestive System.
Circulation: How blood moves around the body, See, Cardiovascular System.
Nervous: How the brain communicates with the rest of the body. See, Nervous System.
Lymphatic System:Drainage system of the body, how it works. See, Lymphatic System.
Reproductive System: How the female body works. See, Female Reproductive System.
Urinary System: How we produce and expel urine from the body. See, Urinary System.
Muscles: Learn more about muscles and how they work. See, Muscles Of The Body.
Endocrine System: Glands and hormones, roles and function. See, Endocrine System.
Respiratory System: How and why we breathe in and out. See, Respiratory System.

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