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Vertigo is the sensation that your surroundings are moving around you. It can be very unpleasant and is associated with feeling nauseous and vomiting. Healthy people can experience this sensation temporarily after a ride at an amusement park or after drinking too much. You should talk to your doctor if you develop it for no obvious reason.

Do I Have Vertigo? Symptom Checker

1. In addition to the sensation that things are moving around you, do you have any of these symptoms?
a. Change in vision (go to 2)
b. Tingling or weakness in any part of the body (go to 2)
c. Confusion (go to 2)
d. Difficulty speaking (go to 2)
e. None of the above (go to 3)

2. Do you still have the symptoms?
a. Yes. You may have had a stroke. See: stroke symptoms
b. No. You may have had a heart attack. See: heart attack signs.

3. Have you noticed any of the following:
a. Hearing loss (it may be Ménière's disease)
b. Ringing in the ears (it may be Ménière's disease)
c. Neither (go to 4).

4. Have you experienced any of the following:
a. Nausea or vomiting?
b. Difficulty keeping your balance?
If yes to a. or b. you may have an infection of the inner ear (labyrinthitis)
c. Neither (go to 5).

5. Are you currently taking medications?
a. No (go to 6)
b. Yes. Your symptoms may be a side effect of your meds. Talk to your doctor, he may tell you to stop taking them.

6. Have you been drinking alcohol?
a. No (go to 7)
b. Yes. Your symptoms may be a cause of drinking too much, or drinking on an empty stomach. Symptoms should wear off within a few hours. If they persist for longer than 12 hours talk to your doctor.

7. How old are you?
a. Under 50. If you cannot identify the source of your vertigo from this chart, contact your doctor immediately.
b. Over 50 (go to 8)

8. Does turning your head or tilting it back bring on vertigo?
a. No. There is no obvious cause to your symptoms, talk to your doctor.
b. Yes. You may have arthritis of the neck (cervical spondylosis). This disorder can put pressure on the arteries supplying blood to the brain area that affects balance.

Signs Of Vertigo

1. Sensation that things are moving around you.
2. Feeling sick or actually getting sick (vomiting)
3. Light-headed

Depending on the cause of your vertigo, you may also experience:
4. Hearing loss
5. Tinnitus (ringing sound).


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