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Do you suffer from excess gas and bloating? Most women pass wind up to 13 times a day and are responsible for between 500ml and 2 liters of gas being let out into the atmosphere every day. What makes us fart? Swallowing air is one cause, so smoking, chewing gum and not chewing your food properly could be a problem. Certain foods make us more windy, for example carbohydrates such as beans, cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts, lentils and fruit such as prunes. Sometimes an underlying medical condition can be a cause - including constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease and an allergy to dairy products (lactose intolerance). If you suffer from excess gas start exercising because it stimulates digestion and watch your diet - avoid carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners or anything that makes you more flatulent.

When To See The Doctor: If you experience unexplained weight loss, altered bowel function or new symptoms.

6 Remedies For Excess Gas

1. Charcoal Tablets
You can buy charcoal tablets in most drug stores over the counter. These pills absorb gas in the digestive system and relieve pain caused by trapped wind.

2. Flatulence Deodorizers
Alternatively you can try charcoal pads (flatulence deodorizers such as Flat-D). These pads are placed inside your underwear near the buttocks. They absorb released gas and help to mask foul smells instantly. The pads are washable and reusable. DEVROM is another alternative. This supplement is taken as a chewable tablet and is FDA approved for removing odor from flatulence and stool. Note: Flatulence deodorizers do NOT reduce gas, rather, they remove the bad smell from it. They are often recommended to patients after an ileostomy, colostomy and bariatric surgery.

3. Probiotics
Take a short-term course of probiotics to relieve excess gas and reduce a bloated stomach. Probiotics are a dietary supplement usually sold in liquid form. They encourage the growth of friendly bacteria in the digestive system. A poor diet and taking antibiotics can destroy these good bacteria and make way for gas-producing bacteria. Additionally include probiotic natural yogurts in your diet.

4. Flatulence Medicines
Over the counter medications like Beano help to prevent gas by introducing natural enzymes into your system. The enzymes speed up the digestion of complex carbohydrates like beans and vegetables before they have a chance to ferment and turn into gas. Beano should be taken before a meal.

5. Peppermint Oil Capsules
Take a peppermint oil capsule (available in most health stores) before a meal. One study showed that people who took a pepperming capsule 3 or 4 times a day for one month experienced less flatulence, bloating and more frequent bowel movements than those who did not. Additionally, nearly 80 percent reported less tummy pain. However, if your condition is related to acid reflux, you should not use peppermint.

6. Herbal Teas
Drink peppermint, camomile or fennel tea after meals to improve digestion and relax your insides. Fennel seems the best for doing this.

Other Tips

1. Eat smaller meals, this will place less stress on your digestive system and liver.
2. Chronic farting can be a symptom of food intolerance (usually to dairy or wheat), Candida, gut infection or irritable bowel syndrome. Keep a diary of your symptoms and what you eat to identify your triggers. Discuss your results with a nutritionist or doctor.
3. If you like beans, add a strip of kombu seaweed to bean dishes while they are cooking. This helps to digest the enzymes in the beans that cause bloating and gas.
4. Eat a few chunks of pineapple or papaya BEFORE a meal to aid digestion.
5. Avoid eating fruit after a meal because the fruit will ferment in the intestines causing gas as it becomes stuck behind the other food. Only eat fruit before or in between meals.
6. Exercise regularly. In a study of patients who experienced regular bloating, a little physical activity enhanced gas clearance.
7. If you are constipated, treat the constipation, it should reduce the amount of gas produced.

Heal Your Life
According to Louise Hay's best selling book Heal Your Body, flatulence may be a sign of gripping fear. Do you have problems 'digesting' life? The author recommends repeating a daily affirmation "I relax and let life flow through me with ease".

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