Does Chocolate Cause Spots?
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Does Eating Chocolate Give You Spots?

There have been lots of studies carried out to test if there is a link between spots, acne and chocolate. No connection has ever been found.

In moderation, as part of an overall balanced diet, chocolate shouldn't do your skin any harm.

If however, like many people you notice your skin breaks out after eating chocolate, it may be because you have an intolerance to dairy (lactose intolerance).

Eating chocolate and acne

Do you get any of the following symptoms when you eat chocolate?

* Itchy rash (usually on the face, neck or behind the ears)
* Spot appears, usually within hours of eating dairy
* Nausea, stomach bloating or cramp
* Gas
* Gurgling sounds in your tummy
* Diarrhea

If so, consider going for an allergy test. Your symptoms are probably connected to a larger issue, you may in fact be allergic to all dairy products!


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