How Accurate Is A Scan At Predicting Gender?

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How Accurate Are Gender Scans?

If there is a good view of the baby's anatomy from week 20 onwards and the doctor or sonographer is experienced, their prediction is very likely to be right. While it is not possible to be 100 percent sure, it is extremely unlikely that they are wrong. Occasionally however doctors can't tell, even well into the second trimester because the baby is in the wrong position or insists on keeping his/her legs closed! If the mother is obese, this can also make it difficult to see anything. Sometimes parents will pay for additional ultrasound scan photos and video images at a later date to confirm or find out for sure.

Telling If It's A Boy Or Girl During Your Scan

In order to tell the sex of the baby you will need a clear picture of the baby's anatomy. If you don't see anything, don't just assume it's a girl! It may just mean that the doctor is looking from the wrong angle. The best position to view the anatomy is to look from the bottom up - that is, pretend that your baby is sitting on a glass chair and you are looking at it from underneath. Even then if the baby keeps its legs firmly shut or its bottom is pressed firmly against the wall of the womb it will be impossible to determine the sex.

If You Don’t Want To Know

Remember, if you don't want to know the sex, tell your doctor first. Don't worry about looking at the scan while it's happening in case you are given a clue. Even experienced doctors and sonographers can have difficulties in determining gender and they know what they are looking for. Like we said, some parents think if they don't spot any genitals then it must be a girl, but this is not necessarily true. While others mistake the umbilical cord for a penis and jump to the wrong conclusion.

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