Can You Get Pregnant During Your Period?

Pregnancy At Time Of The Month (TOM)

Yes, you can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex during your period. That said, it is not very likely! Typically if you get a period every 28 days you are at your most fertile 14 days after the first day of your period. So it would be pretty hard to get pregnant while still bleeding.

If you have a shorter cycle - say you get your period every 21 to 24 days - there is a greater risk of pregnancy. The reason is, you are fertile several days earlier than someone who gets a period every 28 days. As sperm can stay alive in your system for up to 5 days, there is a risk it could meet an egg (after you ovulate) and fertilize it. But even if you have such a shorter cycle the probability of getting pregnant is still quite low.

Can You Get Pregnant Right After Your Period?

Yes because the window of opportunity between your fertile time and the sperm hanging around in your system are more likely to overlap. Your chance of getting pregnant increases with every passing day after your bleeding has stopped.

Can You Get Pregnant Before A Period?

The chance of getting pregnant a day or two before your period is highly unlikely. The days before your period are the safest time to have unprotected sex and not fall pregnant.

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