What Is Considered Middle Aged?

What Age Is Considered Middle Aged These Days?

Middle age technically refers to reaching an age where you have lived half the average life expectancy for your gender. The average midpoint of life is now about 40 for women and 38 for men (men tend to die 6 to 8 years before women). In comparison, 100 years ago women arrived at middle age by 22, mainly because so many died in childbirth. Today most people usually don't start to view themselves as middle aged until they enter at least their mid 40s. As life expectancy increases people are changing their attitude towards ageing and the physical consequences of growing old are being delayed by better healthcare. Most people experience few practical differences in their physical abilities before their late 50s or early 60s. Improved social changes have also altered ideas of middle age. The average age of a woman giving birth is now 29 in Western Europe (25 in the United States) and rising as more and more women are choosing to establish a career before having children. The result is that increasingly couples in their 30s and 40s have young families. Midlife is also when careers and financial success tend to peak. Ambitions and expectations for later years have expanded, and many people carry on active professional, social and personal lives well into their 60s and beyond. Changing social attitudes mean that these extended middle years are increasingly seen and lived as the prime of life rather than the start of old age. In fact there has probably never been a better time to be middle aged!

Tips For Coping With A Mid Life Crisis

Are you worried about heading for a midlife crisis? You are certainly not alone. Being middle aged means you are facing the downhill slope for the first time - counting the years left rather than the years gone. It is a time we naturally assess our progress in life. At this point it is worth:

1. Allowing yourself to mourn what is truly gone - lost youth, fertility and some ambitions. Then put a line under it and refocus on more positive, productive things. Take the opportunity to get fit for example.
2. Take stock of what you HAVE achieved.
3. Be grateful, middle age is a luxury of civilization. In the past few women survived long enough to have a midlife crisis or to experience menopause. Instead, look at this time as a transition.
4. Avoid panic behavior, it may be a good idea to sell the family home and go live in a desert island for a year, but be careful before making irreversible changes.
5. Do one thing you really want to do for yourself (that won't undermine your marriage, job, family or health). Fulfill a lifelong ambition.

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