How Much Does IVF Cost?

fees and medical expenses for IVF
What Is The Cost Of IVF?

Some fertility clinics will tell you that the average cost of an IVF cycle is between $12,000 and $17,000. While this may be true, it doesn't always give a complete picture. It may not include all the IVF costs you will have to pay such as infertility drugs, ultrasound scans and blood tests. But even if it does include these costs, it doesn't take into account how many IVF treatments you may need before you finally become pregnant. Even then pregnancy is not the end game. You still need to give birth to a baby for it to count as any real success. Independent studies indicate that the cost of a live birth by IVF is actually closer to $55,000 in reality. This is because it takes on average three cycles to have a baby (although these statistics are gradually improving with newer technology advancements).

Furthermore, when planning IVF treatment it is worth being aware that the costs can increase further if you require additional assisted reproduction technology (ART). For example:

PGD Genetic Testing: If you want your embryos tested for possible genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis before being implanted into your womb, you can ask for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). It will set you back about $3,200. Read more: How important is genetic screening for IVF babies?
Embryo Freezing: If you produce more embryos in a cycle than you need, you can freeze them for future use for up to 5 years. Expect to pay $700 for one year's storage.
Egg Freezing: If you produce extra eggs, you can have them frozen until needed. You can freeze them for $500 a year. See egg freezing.
Egg Donation: If you fail to produce eggs of good enough quality, you may need to consider 'buying' eggs from a donor. This could increase the cost of your IVF cycle by another $15,000. How does egg donation work?

Personal Stories

I did IVF last year, and was fortunate that I got pregnant on the first cycle. The IVF cycle itself including ICSI procedure, monitoring and anesthesia cost $8,900. The fertility injections and medications were another $4,200. Before starting the cycle I also had to have a lot of pre-testing - hormone tests, hysteroscopy, uterus mapping, mock trial, blood and sperm count for husband which was another $2,000. Turned out we also needed assisted embryo hatching which was yet another $2,000. So came to a total of $17,100. I froze some embryos from the first cycle. Next year we plan to try for another child and were told it would cost about $14,000 in total because we have the stored embryos.
Suzanne, New Hampshire

I had four miscarriages before we considered IVF. However, just before we paid over the money, someone said I should have immune testing carried out. I did, and it turned out that I tested positive for anticardiolipin antibodies. The doctors decided then to put me on a low dose aspirin with IVF to improve my IVF success rate. The first cycle cost me $14,700 including meds, but I didn't have a baby. I just had my third cycle and am now 7 months pregnant. All going well. It's cost me near to $42,000 to get to this point though.
Jennifer, California

I'm 27 weeks pregnant and this is my first attempt at IVF, after many failed attempts with clomid and 4 failed attempts at IUI. I have PCOS and have been taking metformin while I am pregnant, I'm sure it is keeping me pregnant. Our IVF cycle, including screenings, meds and treatment has cost about $16,000 altogether. We considered the shared risk program, but it was too expensive at $28,000. We decided to take our chance with just one IVF cycle, so far, praise God, it has paid off.
Anne P, North Carolina

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