What Is The Best Position For Baby Making?

best positions for conception
Baby Making Positions

While there is no scientific evidence to prove that one position is better than any other, anecdotal evidence suggests that the missionary position might help improve your chances of getting pregnant. This is where the man lies on top of the woman. The position allows the man to penetrate deeply, so that he can deposit semen as far as possible into the vagina so that sperm has less distance to travel. For maximum penetration try wrapping your legs around your partner's back - this will help ensure nothing seeps out when he ejaculates. Also,try placing a small pillow under your hips, this is another tip for helping you retain all of the semen. Once the fun is over, remain lying down for a few minutes. This allows the semen to rest and pool in the cervix area. Meanwhile, one position to avoid is the woman sitting on top of the man - it's defies gravity. Once he ejaculates the sperm is likely to run out of your body instead of heading in the opposite direction towards your egg.

missionary position for best chance of conception

Don't Forget To Have Fun!
Although you may be anxious to fall pregnant, try to remember that sex isn't just for baby making or shouldn't be reserved just for when you ovulate. Making love because you feel like it is good for your relationship and particularly good for your partner's ego. Besides, many women manage to conceive outside of their most fertile days. So try to forget any deadlines you have set yourself and allow yourself time out from 'trying' from time to time. Enjoy the love and passion for its own sake and not just as a means to baby making.

NOTE: If you have been trying for a baby with no success for over a year (and have been having regular sex, that means 2 or 3 times a week), you should consider talking to your doctor about fertility tests. If you aged over 35, you should do so after trying for 6 months.

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