How Accurate Is A Home Paternity Test?

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How Accurate Are Home Paternity Tests?

A home paternity test accredited by the AABB (previously known as the American Association of Blood Banks) is near 99 percent accurate. Home paternity kits can be used to answer the question of paternity regardless of the age of the child. Popular AABB accredited kit suppliers include DNA Identifiers, and Paternity USA. These home kits are available to purchase online and in some large drugstores. If you buy a kit online directly from the company offering the test, the fee will include the kit itself and lab testing. If you buy the kit in a drug store the kit may retail for about $30, but if you read the fine print, you will find you still have to pay at least another $120 dollars for the lab fee.

Why AABB accreditation is important: You may be tempted to buy a home testing kit which is not AABB approved because it is slightly cheaper. Don’t. Having AABB accreditation means that the test and laboratory company involved have been rigorously screened and apply superior testing procedures. In other words, you can have more confidence in the results.

Home testing kits are very useful in identifying the father of a baby. But, the results will not stand up in court for legal purposes. The reason being, a Chain of Custody has to be established – that is, a documental process whereby the source of the sample can be confirmed. For the results to stand up in court, the father has to attend a paternity clinic and provide a DNA sample (cheek swab) in front of a clinic employee. This way the results cannot be faked - for example it prevents a situation where a father who does not want to pay child support asks a friend to provide a sample of DNA instead. Given the additional paper work and service this involves, legal paternity tests are more expensive.

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