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Books On Arthritis


Books on Arthritis
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Resources: All Types Of Arthritis

The following is a list of books, papers, medical journals and research on arthritis. These resources cover topical areas such as reversing the effects of arthritis, exercises to help relieve pain from knee arthritis and natural remedies for rheumatoid arthritis, gout and other types of the disease. There is also a comprehensive list of books on diet, and specific exercise programs. A number of books address the question: Is there a cure for arthritis?. We also provide a list of scientific papers which may be useful to medical students or researchers.

Books On Arthritis

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Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Arthritis: Reverse Underlying Causes of Arthritis With Clinically Proven Alternative Therapies Second Edition by Ellen Kamhi and Eugene R. Zampierson (2006).
Arthritis - The Botanical Solution: Nature's Answer to Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gout and Other Forms of Arthritis by Case Adams (2012).
Arthritis For Dummies by Barry Fox, Nadine Taylor and Jinoos Yazdany (2004).
Arthritis, What Exercises Work: Breakthrough Relief For The Rest Of Your Life, Even After Drugs & Surgery Have Failed by Dava Sobel and Arthur C. Klein (1995).
Arthritis: Fight It With the Blood Type Diet (D'adamo, Peter. Eat Right 4 Your Type Library.) by Dr. D'Adamo and Catherine Whitney (2004).
Conquering Arthritis: What Doctors Don't Tell You Because They Don't Know by Barbara D. Allan (2009).
Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases (3rd Edition) by Johanna Budwig (1994).
Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis (A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book) by Tammi L. Shlotzhauer, James L. McGuire and Carol M. Ziminski (2003).
Natural Medicine for Arthritis: The Best Alternative Methods for Relieving Pain and Stiffness: from Food and Herbs to Acupuncture and Homeopathy by Glenn S. Rothfeld and Suzanne LeVert (1996).
Preventing and Reversing Arthritis Naturally: The Untold Story by Raquel Martin and Karen J. Romano R.N. D.C. (2000).

Second-line Agents in the Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases. New York, Marcel Dekker, 1992.
The Amazing Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet by Michael Massie (2012).
The Arthritis Cure, Revised and Updated: The Medical Miracle That Can Halt, Reverse, And May Even Cure Osteoarthritis by Jason Theodosakis, Sheila Buff and Barry Fox (2003).
The Arthritis Handbook: Improve Your Health and Manage the Pain of Osteoarthritis (A DiaMedica Guide to Optimum Wellness) by M.D. Grant Cooper (Jan 15, 2008).
The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Arthritis (Cleveland Clinic Guides) by John D. Clough (2009).
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Anti-Inflammation Diet by M.D., Christopher P. Cannon, Elizabeth Vierck and Lucy Beale (2006).
The Facts About Fats. John Finnegan, Celestial Arts, 1993.
The First Year: Rheumatoid Arthritis: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed by M. E. A. McNeil and Kenneth Sack MD MD (2005).
The Inflammation Syndrome: Your Nutrition Plan for Great Health, Weight Loss, and Pain-Free Living by Jack Challem (2010).
The New Arthritis Cure: Eliminate Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Pain Permanently by Bruce Fife (2009).
There is a Cure for Arthritis by Paavo Airola (1988).
Treat Your Own Knee Arthritis by Jim Johnson (2010).
Treat Your Own Knees: Simple Exercises to Build Strength, Flexibility, Responsiveness and Endurance by Jim Johnson (2003).
Yoga for Arthritis: The Complete Guide by Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall (2008).

Research Papers And Clinical Trials

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