How To Avoid Pollen In The Home

10 Tips For Cutting Down On Pollen In The Home

1. Close doors and windows: Pollen particles are big and heavy, that means without wind, they settle quickly from the air. In an average sized room, all the pollen will settle within 4 minutes as long as the air is completely still - in other words, all doors and windows are closed. Within 4 minutes you will be breathing pollen-free air. This doesn't mean your symptoms of hay fever will instantly vanish, but you should start to feel better. Escaping pollen during pollen season by sitting indoors for a few hours a day should improve your symptoms long-term as your nose becomes less inflamed.

2. Change your clothes when you arrive home as they will be coated with pollen. Keep some clothes for indoor use only.

3. Leave outdoor shoes at the door, wear indoor shoes only.

4. Wash or rinse your hair when you arrive home, if possible.

5. Keep rooms where you sleep or study (spend lots of time) free of draughts, open windows and vigorous movement (don't exercise in the room for example). This will keep the air pollen free. Not ventilating the room during pollen season is acceptable - you can always open the windows once the season is over to discourage dust mites and mold.

6. Cover your armchair and bed with a dust sheet during the day. In the evening, fold it gently and then wash it. This will remove the layer of pollen that
falls on it during the day.

7. Dry all your laundry clothes indoors during pollen season.

8. Avoid going out for walks if possible between 5am and 10am in the morning when pollen counts tend to be highest.

9. Brush pets thoroughly before they come into the home - they bring pollen in on their fur. This should not be done by the person with the pollen allergy.

10. Use a damp cloth every day to clean surfaces. Ideally also vacuum every day with a vacuum cleaner that keeps allergen particles in (such as one with a
HEPA filter).

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