What Is The Best Exercise For Asthma?

What Are The Best Exercises For Asthma?

Exercises for asthma

Even though exercise can trigger an asthma attack, paradoxically, it also helps reduce the amount of attacks you have in the long-term. Regular exercise that
expands your lung capacity (aerobic) is good for you.

Swimming is an excellent exercise, particularly if you are unfit. The moist air in the pool prevents your airways from drying out, making an attack less likely. Ideally swim outdoors or in a pool which is not heavily chlorinated.

One study showed that asthmatics who walked 3 times a week for 12 weeks not only improved their fitness levels but also suffered fewer asthma attacks. Ideally
walk for 30 minutes at a brisk pace, and add a further 5 minutes to warm up and 5 minutes to cool down (slower pace). That's 40 minutes in total.

Yoga is great for people with asthma as it helps to expand the lungs and encourages breathing control. A martial art or Tai Chi offer the same benefit.

Biking at a steady pace is also an option. You don't want a speed much higher than 18 miles an hour, or all that heavy panting could trigger an attack.

Racquet sports like tennis and badminton allow you to work-out but with regular rests between games and sets.

Music Strengthening Exercises

Any activity that strengthens the lungs and air passage will result in positive health benefits. For example asthmatics who take up wind instruments like
the flute often report big improvements in their asthma symptoms. The same for people to take singing classes. Any exercise taught to strengthen the diaphragm has been scientifically proven to reduce the need for asthma meds.

Starting To Exercise

Most asthmatics will tell you when you first start to exercise - you just need to get over the initial wheezing fit and things get easier. However, if you get an
asthma attack during exercise, always stop. Carrying on regardless can be deadly - literally. Always have your inhaler with you in case you suffer an attack.

Be aware of your triggers (see what triggers an asthma attack?). For example, if heat or cold set you off, exercise in places with regulated temperature control such as gyms or swimming pools. If this is not an option and you need to exercise in the cold, wear a warm scarf around your mouth and breath through your nose. If pollen is a trigger for you, exercise indoors during pollen season (use an exercise DVD at home).

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